Life has its own way of testing and trying. You have long been into a situation which is not the best one if choice is given to you. Everyday you wake up and you fear how you are going to end the day. You are afraid to start up,the night is much more comforting than the day. There are so many dreams you had dreamed to do in your life,you had seen yourself doing the one thing you loved ,dreamt all your life to reach the dream you aspired and now here you are trapped doing something which you hate it gives you no feel so wrecked. Life has stopped somehow all joy has have lost your ownself in this day to day routine…you realize its been long that you have laughed…

Hold on !my fellow being,braze yourself for the day that is today!

No the battle is not lost yet..and you don’t want to give up soon, because you have once again stood up to face the day. You still have the strength to face your life’s testing. The end has not come yet. Have you heard ‘survival of the fittest ‘well you are being made stronger with every passing day,you are being prepared so that you are able to stand up for yourself. Let me tell you how to face your day to day troubles..if you are strong then you will try it..buckle up;

“If your life seems to be a prison then start singing”.

Yes you heard it right…the testings and trials that has come your way will be there only till you keep running from it but take a deep breath stop ;and start smiling,sing and dance if you know ,do not cry, do not feel small. The trials stops when your response changes. Your perspective changes and the world takes the cue…and I myself tested this and i know that it is true. You may think its foolish but sometimes the answer lies in the foolish things. Try this my friend and i assure you your perspective will change. Its all in our mind the more you say ‘ i cant do it’ the bigger the troubles will seem to be. But lets smile when you want to get irritated,calm yourself when all you want to do is shout..silence all those emotions that is bringing the worst in you give them a vacation bring home your new partners your smile,gentleness,kindness love,exitement. Train yourself and deliberately bring these emotions because they are true they will nurture you , take care of you bring out the best in you…you’ll see the change and  others also will see the change in you.

Remember frustration is just a word which tells you to break. It will tear you. Remove that word and say “I am happy! today i may not be where  I wanted to be but there will be a day when i will reach my dream and no one can stop me”.

Have a wonderful day

Start it positive

In this world where negativity surrounds you every moment,let your positivity become more stronger than all those negativity.. Shine forth break those depressing thoughts that has pushed you to the very are more capable than what this world has let you believe,you have long heard all the words of..

” you can’t do it ” take one more step and show yourself that..                      ” you can do it” not for others but for your ownself but remember your own thoughts will discourage you, but overpower those thoughts challenge them and you will break the will be free! 

  • Have a beautiful and promising day.

Be Still and know that IAM GOD

We all go through so many troubles in our life and we are clueless, afterall why me? What went wrong that God has allowed this problem to come in my life?..

Let us first understand our problem by this illustration

A baby needs food every two hours and is totally dependent on its mother to be fed…and if the mother gets late to feed, the baby will cry and bring the house down until it is fed. But as the child grows(2-4 years) this habit changes as he is no more dependent on milk but hard food he has to be taught to eat at proper timings..he does not have to cry for food he can just convey his desire that he is hungry. He  knows his mother has heard  and she prepares food for him. Now the child is happy must be dancing because mom is making something. .have u seen that? This is a how a weaned child behaves with its mother.( psalms 131:2) but in our case we keep on crying because we do not know God..

Be still and know that I am God (psalms 46:10)
Know God:

When Job was tested a huge catastrophy of troubles hit him. In two days his wealth and children and everything was that was not enough he got time for grieving. He could not posssibly understand what went wrong? He had done everything to be blameless he wanted to please God and he had succeeded. So how come suddenly God became his enemy for reasons unknown. He questioned and reasoned for all posibility. And when finally God answered,
God just showed him that who he was. An awsome God the creator of everything on earth. He created the hail storms, river, oceans, rain, creatures, the crocodile you name it, He has made it all. He knows when the mountain goat gives birth he knows how the earth runs..and we think he does not know our problem?well he takes care of everything he created. When we see only us and our problem God sees the whole world and its problem he is sooo big and we are so small he knows the count of our hair. We do not know God, his awesomeness that is why we get anxious.
God said I will neither leave you or forsake you. Still we are afraid.
He says, that if the potter has the right to create a vessel of his choice and for that he crushes the clay, does the clay ask what are you doing? But we do. Because we do not know God.
We dissect the story of Job on whether he was right in questioning God,but we forget that God was so proud of Job and his righteousness and he wanted to tell about it to someone even if it was the satan. And satan left no stones unturned in bringing trouble and grief on Job. You see whenever we face trouble it comes in heaps and never alone, we face it from all sides maybe its because satan is having a happy hour in our life. So at that time let us remember two things one, be careful what you say and second God is proud of you and he had just said good things about you to satan and satan wants proof.
Will you stand this testing times and make your father in heaven proud?

Continue to do GOOD!

We live in a world where the morals are changing rapidly…people have become selfish,lovers of money….truth is not honored love is growing cold. So what do we do as the children of God? Do we become like them should we flow with the flow? Jesus said we are the light of the world. Light is good deeds. Darkness means bad deeds.( Math 5:14-16) when all are in darkness our good deeds should stand out.  Indeed the light in us will show the way to those who are in darkness. When do something right when we stand for truth it will give strength to those in darkness and they will be attracted to your light. And they will try to come to your light and be like you… do the good deeds. Do not become tired of doing good even when nobody notices because your deeds will pay off…a time will come when your work will be rewarded.
So let your light shine out in this world.God bless you all!

Did you believe?

Again after a long time I am writing …but when God is teaching one has to be patient…lessons comes slowly.
This is about belief (ref: john 4:43-53)

This certain royal official has a son who is sick. And he goes to Jesus because his son is close to death. Here when he begs to Jesus to come and heal his son,Jesus says “unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders you will never believe.”
There is a reason why jesus said so because maybe this person came to Jesus only because he was compelled by others. Many of us too fail to believe unless we see it with our own eyes. Jesus says to this man ” you may go. Your son will live.”
Today we all face some or the other problems in our life there are three things which God wants us to do to receive our healing..
1.Believe that you have come in the presence of God( the word of God says,whoever comes to me must believe that I am, and know ye not you are the temple of God.)
If you sit in prayer and do not accept that God is there with you then what is use of sitting in prayer
2. He has heard what you have asked (that means if you are talking to me in a phone you believe that i am on the other end. That means i have also heard what you have said you must stop repeating what you have already said and understand that your needs have already been conveyed.
3. Now Jesus says that your needs has been granted and the answer has been given! So when you have received because The word of God says “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
So now let us give thanks for all that our God has given us. Let us overflow with thanks giving being rooted and built up in him, strengthened in faith as you were taught overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:7 we should be thankful that He gives us freely all that we need and believe. Please God. Hebrew 11:6 says “and without faith it is impossible to please God” stop waiting to see things to say thank you but start saying thank you even before you see it. That is Faith!    

Hope you will start seeing the lie of the devil and accept the freedom that the Lord has given.

Acknowledge your blessings

If you despise the blessings in your hands, it will be taken away. Then no matter how much you seek it, you will not get it back “.
This is what happened to Esau.
Sometimes when we are blessed with some gifts, we give it no value. Esau was the first born and being the firstborn he enjoyed certain privilege , but on that day when he came home famished, his brother was cooking red stew. It might have seemed very delicious, Jacob asked for the birthright in return of the stew(very clever! who asks for a birthright?) . Esau said Iam dying what good is a birthright to me now. (Though he would not have died ,he could have asked his mom for food) but he was asking not even all of the stew but only some of it! While he was in the deal he could have bargained for more. But he just ate and drank and went away! After eating he could have said it was no deal😎😄but he did not. That means he valued his position less and it was wicked in God’s sight. He gave you something free and you valued it less (in that particular circumstance in our life). Remember then later Esau cried for it but never got it back even the blessings was taken away. Let it not happen in our life. Lot of things happen that can compel you to despise the blessings in your hands…but do not rush in losing it. God chose to give it to you. Honour it. It may seem that your life is going to end…but I doubt. It just seem so. Some decisions costs us everything.

Some people in our life are our priceless possession. Do not despise your friends,loved ones in exchange of worldly riches. It may seem very important to leave them behind, but it may become your costliest deal…which cannot be revoked. 

Be wise in what you decide. Have a blessed morning.


Sometimes I wish I was a bird,free and care less.
I would fly from this place to that. I would care not of, what to eat and where to sleep. Any tree would be my home.
This life is so full of cares,
Everyday is filled with fear and worries.
And the home feels so aloof ,as if to say iam not for you to share.
What can I do?why do i look for my freedom?should I still be human and fulfill my duty that nobody looks with admire..or should I just leave it all and reach out for that freedom I dream and aspire.

DON’T let your HOPE DIE

Hello everyone out there! Hope life has been good to you. And I hope you have successfully faced every challenge in your life. I had nothing to write so i did not…but I read all the post that came my way. But today I stumbled to a revelation from the Bible so I thought of sharing.
Actually I have a dream that refuse to calm down though the circumstance says otherwise, that it can NEVER be achieved … But I still look forward everyday as one step closer to my dream. Iam never at home (settled )I will feel comforted and at ease only when I reach my dream. Till then no matter how pleasant and easy my current place is I will never feel at home because as they say “home is where your heart is.”

Joseph opened my eyes. He was also never at home even in death he wanted his body to reach the home. Joseph was born of Rachel …he had heard from his father Jacob about the promised land Cannan but instead of reaching there he is taken to Egypt as a slave…still no sign of Cannan. He reaches Potiphers home and he is faithful makes it home and looks after all the household affairs as his own…but his heart is not at home…then situation brings him to the jail…but he makes it his home…does all the work given to him faithfully. ..but his heart is not at home…again the turn of events places him in a very great position next to the king he does all the work faithfully but his heart is not at home. He calls his people to him but still there is no joy his heart is not yet at home and then he dies but his heart wants his body to reach that home and he commanded his people to take his body to the promised land! Wow! What a hope even in death he hoped that surely God will take them to the promised land.

And as Joseph had hoped God did visit them and took them to the promised land and so did Joseph’s bones,  which were taken to the promised land . Now his heart was at home at last!
So if you are going through same situation where you feel ‘not happy’ and ‘not at home’ then its not your home after all. Keep on hoping strongly in what you dream because it will be fullfilled.

On the otherside keep your hopes alive for the heavenly Cannan even if all your dreams are achieved
May your hope always be for the eternal home. May the longing to see the beautiful Cannan always be alive even after death!.